Superior genetics are key to the success of our operation and our customers. We began as a commercial cattle operation, however as time passed our operation moved to purebred Angus with emphasis placed on maternal traits, feed conversion and total performance.

During the late 1980’s Bill and Rick purchased two bulls from Dave Nichols, a well-known cattle breeder in Iowa. Soon after, a partnership was formed, and Ayers Farms became a cooperator herd for Nichols Farms utilizing their genetics exclusively.

All cattle are enrolled in Angus Herd Improvement Records, measuring birth, growth, maternal and carcass traits. We utilize DNA technology for potential genetic defect testing and measurement of performance traits. Ultrasound is utilized on bulls for
marbling, ribeye measurement and fat thickness. We believe in moderate framed, docile cattle that perform in the pasture and the feedlot.

To purchase, contact Rick Ayers at 660-216-9501 or use the contact tab above.